House Of Pain

Same Old Game – House Of Pain

I’ll get your dome piece open just like a New York deli
I’m mad cool like Garth Manzarelli
You’ve seen ’em on the tele with Ralph “The Mouth”
I rock the east, west, north, and the south
Without a doubt I’ve been know to turn the party out
You want clout let me show you what it’s all about
‘Cause I can give it up more than Madonna
You want to plea it’s not guilty your honor
‘Cause I can rock it all kinds of live ways
Like my man Dennis Miller does it on Fridays
I get closer than the Nine Inch Nails
I’m the opposite of the definition of stale
I’m fresher than the lettuce in your produce section
If you come to get us, better bring protection
I could rock a Texan, I could rock an Asian
I could rock the spectrum from black to caucasian

It’s the same old, same old, blaze-blah
Sippin’ on the forty and puffin’ la

I got the sound byte that’ll get ya uptight
You wanna diss then there might be a fist fight
I measure 10 on the Richter scale
So call me Moby Dick and watch the great white whale
You could play the Ishmael but you’re doomed to fail
And if you didn’t know you better read the tale
‘Cause I give mail every time I play
And I can take it up town J. Disco’s way
And I can take it back down through the depths of hell
And blow up the spot like an artillery shell
‘Cause I’ve been all the way to the grave and back
And mad crews are comin’ out crazy, whack


I’m sicker than the Aids sores with band-aids
If my eyes are blood shot, I just put on my shades
I never got good grades, ’cause I was actin’ the fool
Duckin’ out of my school, hidin’ smokin’ a wool
And I never knew the plague until it claimed my cousin
I acted like he wasn’t, but junkies come a dime a dozen
I’ve seen the needle and the damage done
A syringe in the vein is like a loaded gun
In your mouth blowin’ up the back side of your mental
The only records they can verify are your dental
The instrumental is my forum
And when I rock the mic I do it with poise and the quorum


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Same As It Ever Was – House Of Pain

Uh shoot ’em all baby
Just call it in one time for me real heavy
Back in black
Who’s the mack
Sittin’ on the back
Of a Cadillac
It’s the D mofo.
Better pass me the mic
So I can rock on
And drop the styles I write
I like hip-hop
Ya don’t stop
And all that
I rock the freak styles
And neat styles
That are crazy phat,
It’s making me sick
Punk get off my ****

‘Cause I’m the same mofo.
That I ever was
Same mofo.
But I can’t pay attention
‘Cause I’m on that dust

My head’s not swell
Kid I’m not gell
Don’t feed me soup
Just give me the funky loop
I’ll rock it to the best of my ability
Runnin’ mad styles and showin’ flexibility
‘Cause I’m the man that’s on point
When I jam a funky joint
I want some other over there
Yo, I just don’t care shit
Pass the mic
Then I’m gonna’ tear shit
Up like a piece of paper
Your girl caught the vapor
When I ran the caper
I ain’t rearranged
So don’t look strange
I’m the same mofo.
Ain’t a damn thing changed


‘Cause I’m hard like stone
Don’t play me soft
And I rock rhymes frequently
I drop it off and
I’m off in space
I remember your face
But don’t remember your name
‘Cause it’s all the same
As it ever was
That’s what it is money grip
Don’t trip
Or I’m gonna’ bust that lip


Bustin’, flippin’, skippin’,
Just like a stone on a river
Ya know I’m gonna’ give her
Whole lotta’ flavor
Criminal behavior
Used to be how I made it
But that shit’s over rated
Now I rock rhymes over funky beats
I **** fine ****** between satin sheets
They say money changes people
But I won’t ’cause
I’m the same mofo. that I ever was


And ya don’t quit
‘Cause I’m on that dust
Soul Assasins are on that dust[ha ha…]
My man J. Disco is on that dust
Cypress Hill is on that dust
FunkDoobiest is on that dust

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Salutations – House Of Pain

Yo, the time has come
For everyone to clean up their own backyard
Before they go knocking on their neighbor’s door
The House of Pain is cleaning up, sweeping up, clocking up
Check it, check yourself before you check another
It’s the House of Pain, Pain, Pain..

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Keep It Comin’ – House Of Pain

Smokin’ up an L
Might kill a brain cell
But I might as well
I’m on a highway to hell
sometimes I feel doomed,
Totally consumed
By an eerie feelin’
I hear pigs squealin’
Soldiers of fortune
Are torchin’ huts
The girls on them TVs
Are shakin’ their butts
I’m hyperventilatin’
I might be hallucinatin’
Yo I got a chill
I’m feelin’ sort of ill
I’m goin’ mad
But aren’t ya glad
ya used Dial
I’m goin out like style


Uh and ya don’t quit
Yeah, keep it comin’
And ya don’t stop
They say
Uh and ya don’t quit

I got complexes
Ya can’t figure out
My dad said
“He’s a bum, kick the n****r out”
My head’s ***** up
But I lucked up
And got a hit record
Now I’m well respected
I can go places I never went before
I still dress the same
So it must be my name
I can’t deal
With who’s real and who’s not
Who treated me the same
When my record wasn’t hot
They said I couldn’t eat too
So I put my cake down
I think I’m having a breakdown


It’s not paranoia
I got something for ya
It’s made of chrome
And it’ll burst you dome
No joke my gun’ll
Blow a ***** tunnel
Right through your body
I’ll leave with your hotty
And I’ll take her home
Lay her down on her back
And I’ll make her moan


Uh and ya don’t quit
Yeah, keep me comin’
And ya don’t stop
Soul Assasins and ya don’t stop
FunkDoobie and ya don’t stop
Cypress Hill and ya don’t stop
House of Pain and ya don’t stop
Soul Assasins and ya don’t stop

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House Of Pain – Earthquake

I be breakin’ the laws, breakin’ the laws
All you wannabe hard rocks just pause
It’s the MC host
Space ghost from the coast
With piggish white skin, kid, where you been
I got a blue eye, but my title ain’t devil
I freak harmonies like my brothers was Neville
And I can rock free-old style
Eatin’ crawdad stew
So whatcha wanna do
I’m comin’ real soon to a theatre near you
So why don’t you come critique me when I’m live on stage
‘Cause I’m gonna break, I’m gonna break my
Rusty cage, my rusty cage
Watch the way I freak it when I bust my gauge
‘Cause all that loud gun talk, it don’t mean squat
If my tool get hot, I’m gonna burst your knot
And give it all I got, up in your wisdom slot
And Cutty Ranks couldn’t stop her, from callin’ me poppa
Big daddy jaw dropper
Mr. Heartbreaker
She leaves Mary Poppins, but she comes home Seka

Yes, yes, y’all, ’cause I’m so fly
And Everlast be the apple of your earth’s eye
Yes, yes, y,all, ’cause we don’t fake
And D-Style come to feel your earthquake

Socialize a little somethin’
And you sweatin’ my style
Challeng my world
You wanna shell my mix
You wanna sit with my flesh
And reconize the tesh
Ya never seen this niggers best
A marrage, a nest
I hit your head with styles that are liquid
You drip this, sweat this
Perspired is desired, this wetness
You get from divine style
Spark this girl, chill
I see you got the love, the lust
So why dont you live my cosmos exodus
To my precous I’m a undress my message
Into my wisdom body to my wisdom method
You need a star for your cresent
I got a diablo brass for your atmosphere
My dope mathamatics are soak like Insin sincere
Uh, baby for my apparatus
I do justice to your physical
Annoint your aider
Never spendin your nobler
A hard slyle at stages
While the guard be sparkin’ that indo seed
The Earth pieces be increasin’ that need to be pleased
I represent the illest villans
And the worst of bad breeze
Ah baby, if you wanna fix my vision
You better come with subject of vision
I keep it real live, keep it real straight
To the Earthly feel this style Earthquake

Yes, yes, y’all, ’cause I’m so fly
And D-Style be the apple of your Earth’s eye
Yes, yes, y’all, ’cause we don’t fake
Everlast come feel your earthquake

My love is stronger than pride
My love’s thicker than blood
My killer squad’s in effect, nobody’s livin’ off hud
If your missile’s a scud, I run the patriot game
I’ll have you flippin’ your wig
I’ll put the clip in my sling
And cock the hammer back
Click-clack, put a hole in your back
The size of a plum
You can come get some
But my attitude’s shitty, like G. Gordon Liddy
Take pity on a child that’s been raised in the city

From East to West
To maintain my rep
So many times
To assume my flow
I go mono, stereo
Or solo
You never know
Choose a flow
And I’ll throw the phattest atom
I’m so hot, and so lost
And so far from the plan
I reflectulate the ladies
That be scannin’
My composition decircular
Hurtin’ the mad opposition

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