Gospel Gangstas

O Double G’s Go On – Gospel Gangstas

tryin to stay Saved in South Central
where survival is an everyday thing and its weighin on my mental
everywhere you step brothas trying to get a rep
and they’ll rold ya, fold ya, for a stripe on they shoulder
told ya that i used to fornicate like i was born to mate
now Jezebel wanna see if Solo really creep
well, now i watch my back when i bail
cuz theres alot a Delilahs out to cut your homie pigtails
as far as meetin in a joint of weed
gotta meet me at my point of need, so i plead
the Blood if i have to, dont let these demons grab you
watch till you inverse then kiss your face and backstab you
see frustration tried to beat me down, keep me down
said id never make it thru, but peep me now
i got my homies, my vision, and i got God too
eyes to the skies, Gs rise as i mobs thru
O Double Gs go on (on and on)
in the Lord, standin strong (everlasting)
O Double Gs stand strong (stand strong)
cuz once again its on (no need in asking)
its been a long time comin, now were here
full gear, no fear, sheddin tears for my peers
down in my convergin, it cut me like a surgeon
said im no good for churchin, only good for servin
(see) the death in my mind for the Martial Arts is set-o
said id never make it cuz i grew up in a ghetto
attack my self esteem in a evil way
they’ll kill your dreams if you listen to what people say
see God called me with a Holy callin
He snatched me out the gang and
cleaned me up to witness to my homies bawlin
so dont get caught up in your past failures
when you feelin like you wont last, tell ya
self “ima make it” when satan say you cant take it
and if the spot get too hot shake it
cuz sometimes we all need some help
but when i feel like givin up i tell my self
a troubled youth from the CPT
it makes my family feel good when they see me free
i was wrote off, they said “leave him alone”
i had no love at home so i hugged my crome
through bad situations and tribulations
now God is using them to bring thousands to Salvation
ive been lied on by ignorance and jealousy
you got a problem with my crew just come and tell us G
it pierce us deeply, peep me, i mean it hurts, loc
to get dogged by your own, talk to church folk
bound to religion, quick to make decisions
about the Call of God in my life and the vision
but who but a x-Blood could reach a cobdu
you wont leave your pew then you criticize what i do
try to understand if you could
if not you can catch me in the hood
cuz im goin on

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