Felicia Adams

You – Felicia Adams

you ….
you are that someone for me
you are that someone for me and i had always with me that you would forever be right here with me

you made me feel like i was number one in your life so i gave you everything i could my life was nothing to me if that day you were unhappy i did more then a woman should

but now it seems that is was all just a waste of time cuz you just up and walked away

with not even a reason why now all i do is sit and cry buyt theres got to be a brighter day
you mmmmmmm
you are that someone fo rme

and i had always be that you would forever be right here with me i was wrong i was wrong see i guess i was wrong
sooooo wrong
cuz now you are gone and the pain is so strong cuz im alone
i feel like a woman without a boy
why did you have to lie cuz you know i believe every word you said
i guess i was a fool to be so in love with you cuz everybody said you were no good ohhhhh

ever since the day you all i do is sing a sad song of how i wish that you’d come back
my daddy said but my daddy said it’d be ok
baby girl the rain’ll pass away
then therell be brighter days


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