Britney Spears

Walk On By – Britney Spears

I’m having a party tonight
Only you can make it right
If I can be with you holding you tight
There won’t be more lonely nights

Everywhere I turn
I see your face reminding me of a higher place
Everytime you smile, angels fly
Everytime you walk on by

I’m not the only feeling lonely
Everytime you walk on by
I try to say something
But it comes out as nothing
Everytime you walk on by

(Everytime you walk on by)

I keep my cool, I pretend I’m not here
Everytime you come too near
I’m such a fool cuz this love is true
And if I don’t tell you sureley someone else will


Feeling lonely

If I ever see you again
This craziness must finally end
And I promise myself…


Everytime you walk on by

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Britney Spears – E-mail My Heart

It’s been hours, seems like days
Since you went away
And all I do is check the screen
To see if you’re okay
You don’t answer when I phone
Guess you want to be left alone
So I’m sending you my heart, my soul
And this is what I’ll say

I’m sorry, oh so sorry
Can’t you give me one more chance
To make it all up to you
E-mail my heart
And say our love will never die
And I, I know you’re out there
And I know you still care (I know you still care)
E-mail me back and say our love will stay alive
Forever……….e-mail my heart

I can see you in my mind
Coming on the light
And opening this letter
That I’ve sent a hundred times

Here’s a picture of us two
I look so good on you
And can’t you please forgive me
For the hurt I put you through



Forever… (what you say, what you say, what you say)
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