Pac Man (Skit) – DMX

(man1):Yo whatz up wit this PacMan nigga
yo whatz up

(man2):Yo right there
(man1):Yo hold up,hold up
yo Pacman yo pacman
(pacman):Yo you know me money
(man1):yo I don’t know you an all that shit
but whatz up wit this pacman shit
(pacman):what you mean whatz up wit this pacman
shit,this my hood man ,this my hood fo five years
man just got out man im just tring to get some money man
(man1):yo I won’t you to get money and all that shit
but you can’t get it here man
(pacman):what you mean I can’t get it here I been here all my mutherfucking life b. ain’t nun of yall N.Y. niggas
taking over this shit up around here man
(man1):how the fuck you know i’m a New York nigga
(pacman):you smell like a New York nigga to me man
(man1):five years ago where were you man
(pacman):I was locked up man
(man1):you were born and raised in this joint
(pacman):born and raised here my momma here my poppa here
everybody hereman
(man1):well we was born up the block
(pacman):ya I was born and raised here and ain’t none of yall niggas gonna run me out of my hood
(man1):so what you saying nigga
(pacman):nigga what you saying nigga
(man1):this what the fuck i’m saying
(gun shot)
(man1):ride or die mutherfucker

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