You – Peter Frampton

All these years that I’ve been searching — Lost in the shadow of self doubt
Never knowing where to run to — Trying to figure it all out
Yeah, there were moments but they didn’t last — They say it’s my foolish pride
Built a wall around my heart — Kept it all inside
Then You — Came to me — And You — Set me free
I’m crying out but no one hears me — Disappears in the wind
Hear these voices inside me — Echoing the soul within
I was trying to remember — How it feels when things are right
No hope for the future — When there’s no love in sight
Then You — Came to me — And You — Set me free
We walk this path together — May our aim stay true
Hold on to the passion — There’s only one way to go
You don’t have to force it — Just let love grow
Oh You — Came to me — And You — Set me free
I — Still can’t believe — That You — Came to me

Author: admin on October 7, 2013
Category: Y Song Lyrics
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