Mr. Big

A Little To Loose – Mr. Big

Misguided woman knows my name
Ain’t go nobody else to blame
I gota a girl back home
She’s waiting all alone

Ten weeks of rock and roll arcade
Seems like a year since I’ve been paid
I got to let it go, no one will ever know

I got a little to loose
In Oklahoma city
I didn’t care if she was young
I didn’t care if she was pretty
I got a little too loose
A little too loose
A little too loose, oh, oh, oh

Keep little secrets far too long
Guess taht i’ll put them in a song
I got to let it go, on one will ever know

Baby, can i get you a taxi
She said, “that’s ok, tonight I”m staying here”
All that little girl wanted yeah
Was a slippery souvenir

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30 Days In The Hole – Mr. Big

All right, all right, all right
She called up an old friend
Talkin’ bout Black Lebanese
A dirty room and a silver Coke spoon
Give me my release… come on

Black Napolese
It got ya weak in your knees
They’re gonna seize some dust
That you got bust on
You know it’s hard to believe

30 days in the hole
30 days in the hole…ahwoo
30 days in the hole
(That’s what they give me)
30 days in the hole

New Castle Brown
I’m tellin’ ya can sure smack you down
Ya take a greasy whore in a rolling dance floor
Got your head spinnin’ round

If ya live on the road
Well, there’s a new highway code
Ya take the urban noise
And some terrible poison
Gonna lessen your load

Chorus/Breakdown/2nd verse/3rd verse repeat

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Had Enough – Mr. Big

Ain’t like any other day
Finally comes a time to decide
I won’t spend another day
Stuck here in the same old bind

I can see myself as much too strong
To let this thing go on so long
It ain’t a case of right or wrong
I’ll put myself back up where I belong

Oh- Can’t you see
I’ve had enough had enough
I’ve had enough

I don’t forget too easily
You’re the one who told me a lie
Now you know you’re free to be
Anybody’s lover but mine

I can see myself as much too young
It’s not too late to stick to my guns
I’ll take it right back to square one
When you turn around to look for me
I’ll be gone

Why can’t you see what you’ve done to me
I’m not too sure of it myself
The answer lies in a whole new beginning
The second time around

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Mr. Big – Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy

If you’re a red hot fire cracker
I will light your fuse
If you cry like a little girl
I’ll dry your baby blues
When you need a man of action
I’m ready to make my move
Like a shotgun shot, Johnny on the spot
There’s nothing I can’t do

Everything you’re looking for
You can find in me
I’ll be anything you want
Anyone you need
I’ll be your daddy, your brother, your lover and
your little boy.

When your body needs salvation
I’ll be your tender touch
I’ll take all the love you give me
And give you twice as much
When we get undercover
And do the horizontal mile
I’m in the mood to answer to your call of the wild

Everything you’re looking for
You can find in me
I’ll be anything you want
Anyone you need
Everything you’re looking for
Anything that you want and more
I’ll be your daddy, you brother, your lover and
your little boy

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