Na Laetha Geal M’?ige – Enya

Na laetha geal m’?ige The bright days of my youth
———————- —————————–
(In ?m?s do mo m’athair agus do m’atair) (In honor of my father and mother)

Ag amharc tr? m’?ige Looking back over my youth
Is m? bh? s?mh I see I was contented
Gan eolas marbh Without knowledge of death
Bh? m? ?g san am, I was young then

Anois, t?im buartha Now I am worried
‘s fad ar shi?il an l?. During the course of the day.
Och?n ‘s och?n ?. (Oh sorrow!) [Alas and woe, oh.]

Na laetha geal m’?ige The bright days of my youth
Bh? siad l?n de dh?chas Were full of hope
An bealach m?r a bh? romham anonn The big road that was before us then
Bh? s? i nd?n domh go mbeinn, sl?n, sl?n. Was what was destined to be,
Bye bye…

(Repeat refrain)

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