Jack Horner – Chumbawamba

You see who’s over there in the corner?
Little Jack Horner, sat in a corner…
I say, I say, I say
Why’d Jack Horner sit in the corner?
The story goes it’s cos he had a square bum.
Well I’m telling you, that’s not absolutely true
He was told to sit there by his teacher.
Jack’s crime was this, he said, ‘teacher you are wrong, the British army killed a lot of people too. The empire’s built on the broken backs and the stolen land of all them blacks, all paid for out of your income tax.’
She said, ‘I won’t stand for that. Don’t give me your back chat, the headmaster will surely hear of this.’
She said, ‘Don’t speak until you’re spoken to. I’ll tell you what you can and can’t do. Now go and sit in that corner ’till I get back.’
Jack was all alone
Struggling on his own
But when the head walked in the children made such a din
They said, ‘Jack get up, you got to get out. Don’t let them push you about, you know they’ll keep you in that corner ’till you’re dead. Jack get out, don’t sell out, don’t compromise with Christmas pies, you know they’ll keep you in that corner ’till you’re dead. Keep shouting back, you tell ’em Jack, don’t swallow none of their crap, you know they’ll keep you in that corner ’till you’re dead. Calling Jack Horners everywhere, don’t bend to authority which doesn’t care, you know they’ll keep you in that corner ’till you’re dead.’
Jane got up, she helped jack out, she said, ‘Teachers don’t mess us about, we won’t listen to your dirty lies. It’s you who’ve got your fingers in the pie. People die, you don’t question why, we won’t study your lies, we won’t eat your Christmas pie, we won’t eat dead animal pie, we won’t eat nukiller pie, we won’t eat your pie R squared, and if you really cared, neither would you.’

Author: admin on September 16, 2013
Category: J Song Lyrics
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